Fund Administration Services for Private Investors

Fund Administration Services for Private Investors - Bluestone Services LLC

Hiring a knowledgeable fund administrator for fund administration services for private investors can help relieve you from non-core, operational middle back-office functions and allow you to focus on what you do best – deal-making and securing capital. The knowledge and experience of a BlueStone Services administrator better equips you for the challenges of a growing … Read more

Private Foundations

Middle Back Office Solutions For Foundations - BlueStone Services

We can help support the essential middle back office solutions you need to manage your private foundation in a cost-effective manner. Our professionals can help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your everyday business processes and customize it to your organization’s needs. We provide middle back office solutions on a weekly, monthly and on-going/occasional … Read more

Family Offices

Our clients include High Net Worth Family Offices from the one-person office to those that contain 100 people. Our Family Office professionals can complement your trusted team, or coordinate efforts to manage and support your family’s wealth on your behalf. BlueStone’s High Net Worth Family Office services will provide a dedicated back-office relationship team to … Read more

International Subsidiaries

International business brings great opportunity—but also complexity. That’s where BlueStone International Subsidiaries Services can help.  Working Toward International Expansion Our professionals can advise you with regard to the establishment of international subsidiaries. You’ll have open communications and access to a team committed to serving as an extension of your organization, helping you realize your vision … Read more

Emerging Business Solutions

Our consultants leverage decades of industry-specific knowledge and proprietary insights to improve your company. We advise and provide outsourcing support in areas such as strategy, organizational development, accounting, operational and financial performance. Operations Management The bottom line is, you need an accurate picture of your company’s operations at all times, and a cost-effective way to … Read more


Charting the right course to sustained value creation takes a lot of effort. Work with BlueStone Services to support your initiatives by coordinating your finance strategy with your corporate strategy to create more value for your organization. We work closely with CEOs, CFOs and finance leaders to achieve this coordination. Connect with us to learn … Read more