Payroll and HRIS Software Solutions

BlueStone is proud to offer our clients Payroll and HRIS software services that are comprehensive, powerful, and easy to use. With our online payroll and human capital management software platform, you can easily set up and manage payroll, onboarding, scheduling, compliance, and much more. Our consultants work with you to provide ongoing support. BlueStone Services is a subsidiary company of KatzAbosch, a leading accounting firm in the Maryland area for over 50 years. Learn More About Our HRIS Software Solutions

Service Offerings


Online Payroll

Our powerful payroll and HRIS management software makes it easy to keep your payroll running smoothly.


Applicant Tracking and Onboarding

Receive employment applications, manage interviews, and onboard new hires with company-specific documentation.


Employee Time and Attendance, Scheduling

Build and monitor employee scheduling, track attendance, and produce reports, all from one place.


ACA Compliance

We help you ensure that your company is compliant with all Affordable Care Act requirements.


Work Opportunity
Tax Credits

As many as 1 in 5 blue collar employees qualify for $2,400 - $9,600 in tax credits. Our software can screen for these opportunities during the onboarding process.

payroll-workers-comp  Family Office Services Payroll Workers Comp

Workers Comp

We help you manage your pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation plan.


Learning Management

Upload your own videos and documentation to a cloud-based learning management platform. Employees always have access to the information they need.

From the first the time I spoke with Evan Sands I knew I was in good hands. I highly recommend BlueStone Services to anyone seeking a professional and friendly company.

Jodi Rubin

Verdi Management

Evan and Sam were very helpful.

Billy Smith


Bluestone is very easy to do business with and makes sure the books are kept well.

Vince Talbert

Thrive Software

HRIS Software Solutions

Our sophisticated, cloud-based payroll & HRIS software provides everything you need to manage your team. Available anywhere, any time.

Quickly and accurately process payroll from an online interface available anywhere, any time. All critical functions impacting payroll are in the same database, ensuring that your payroll processing is a streamlined process.

  • Direct Deposit
  • Full Tax Service: Federal, State & Local
  • Workers Comp Reporting
  • 401k Reporting
  • Pay Cards
  • Employee Self-Service
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Leave Tracking
  • And more!

Payroll and HRIS Services FAQ's

Do you file and pay my taxes?

Yes we file and pay your Federal and State withholding taxes quarterly as well as produce and file your year-end returns. W2 or 1099.

Do you offer other integrated solutions?

Yes our Payroll and HRIS Software Services suite offers fully integrated single sign-on Time & Attendance, Recruiting and Onboarding, Benefit Administration and Learn Management solutions.

Why are your fees so inexpensive as compared to the National providers?

We partner with a company that provides the payroll platform at a wholesale cost and we pass the savings on to you the client.

How do you work with Bluestone’s outsourced accounting solutions department?

Many of our clients have their payroll processed by the outsourced accounting team.

Is your platform web based and managed through a third party?

Yes, the platform is a web-based, cloud-based platform that provides unlimited storage. Most importantly, the software automatically updates, so you are always working with the latest version. It is managed through a third-party vendor called Summit One Source. Summit has been serving the payroll and human management consulting industry since 2007.

How do your work with BlueStone's outsourced HR services?

Many of our clients utilize some form of our HR consulting team to support their HR compliance and strategies. To learn more click here.


Why should I outsource my payroll functions?

Outsourcing has become increasingly important as HR professionals seek ways to reduce time and resources spent on transactions and administration, so they can concentrate on more strategic activities. This reduction in time and resources also translates to savings for the business. When HR departments decide which functions to retain and which to outsource, many hold on to talent management, recruiting, and succession planning, while handing off the payroll, benefits administration, and other routine tasks to third-party vendors.

What is human capital management?

The term Human Capital Management (HCM) can refer both to a business strategy and a set of modern IT applications and other technologies that are used to implement that strategy. There are many benefits to cloud-based Human Capital Management technology, two of the biggest being time saving and cost-effectiveness. BlueStone Services partners with Summit One Source to provide our clients with this best-in-class technology to support a full range of workforce management solutions. Our clients with this HCM solution are provided with a single login and employees and employers can access their portals from anywhere they have an internet connection. Most importantly, the software automatically updates, so you are always working with the latest version. Additionally, a user-friendly interface ensures that the software is easy and promotes employee engagement.

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