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About Us

Built to Help You Succeed

KatzAbosch, a leading accounting firm in the Maryland area, realized the need for an outsourced solutions provider for their emerging and middle-market clients. They noticed many businesses were getting bogged down with administrative functions, preventing them from placing their time and focus on actually growing and improving the business.

To address this need KatzAbosch created BlueStone Services, a one-stop outsource service solution that is cost-effective and can scale with a company as it grows and succeeds in its marketplace.

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Our Services

We strive to help our clients improve their processes and free up their time so they can focus on what they do best.

accounting-icon  Outsourced Accounting Services
Outsourced Accounting

Complete, accurate and timely financial data, reports, and tax preparation services.

human-resource-consulting-icon  Human Resources Consulting
Human Resources Consulting

Providing customized services for HR compliance, talent acquisition and management, benefits and compensation, and HR infrastructure development and redesign.

Family-Offices  Practice Operational Assessments
Middle-Back Office Solutions

Our service team is available and scalable to increase efficiency and reduce costs for your operations.

business-consulting-icon  Top Business Consulting Services and Offerings
Business Consulting

Supporting the growth of our clients toward long-term, sustainable value creation using facts, analysis, and rational advice.

Bluestone-Caduceus-Icon (2)(2)  Medical Practice Management Consulting
Medical Practice Management Consulting

The Healthcare Consulting Team at Medical Business Advisors, a division of BlueStone Services, specializes in working with physician’s practices, hospital departments, and other healthcare entities.

Our Senior Team

Our team is comprised of experienced industry leaders who help keep you ahead of the ever changing business environment. You can have peace of mind knowing your BlueStone Services team is being proactive and delivering results, so you can focus on running your organization.