Talent Acquisition

How much time do you spend writing a job ad? Or going through resumes? Our HR consultants make small business recruiting faster and easier. We’ll do all the legwork before an actual interview is conducted, so you can spend your time choosing from a pool of quality candidates.

Finding great talent is more than placing a job ad online. Our team will customize a solution that can help you:

  • Build your employer brand
  • Define the skills and traits of your ideal candidate
  • Develop a sourcing strategy
  • Manage the assessment and screening process
  • Promote an engaging candidate experience
  • Assist you with candidate selection and preboarding

Benefits from outsourcing this function includes:

  • Reduced time to hire. Hiring managers are already overloaded with an understaffed team. Outsourcing all or part of the talent acquisition process allows hiring managers to reduce their time spent on recruitment and focus on their job.
  • Obtaining the right people. Our vetting process allows for you to select from a pool of quality candidates that considers all aspects from skills to future development to cultural fit.
  • Staying Competitive. Hiring and retaining the right talent allows your business to move forward and be productive with what it does best in the marketplace.
  • Saving Time and Money. From investing in recruiting resources like ad placements and screenings to the actual cost-per-hire can be costly. A successful talent acquisition strategy can help make sure your resources and time are being used sensibly.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your recruitment efforts on a project or ongoing basis.