Is the Hybrid Work Schedule Here To Stay?

The hybrid experiment has gained traction. By 2023, Gallup research indicated the numbers among U.S. workers had stabilized at about 28% performing exclusively remotely, 20% on-site and 52% working in a hybrid arrangement. Whether those proportions persist will depend on the overall economy and labor market and whether recession tilts the balance. The best of … Read more

New 1099 Portal Helps with Upcoming Paper Filing Restrictions

New IRS Portal for Form 1099 Series

The IRS has announced that starting in 2024, it is going to “reduce the 250-return threshold enacted in prior regulations to generally require electronic filing by filers of 10 or more returns in a calendar year.” However, to make e-filing easier, it has also rolled out a new system: Businesses can now file Form 1099 series information … Read more

Learn The Rules About Disability Discrimination

80 Innovative Employee Engagement Strategies

The Americans with Disabilities Act defends the rights of people with disabilities in the context of employment. Title I of the ADA pertains to employers with at least 15 employees. Companies that qualify are prohibited from discriminating against qualified individuals on the basis of disability. What does the law define as a disability? According to … Read more

Gifts for Employees: The Thought That Counts

80 Innovative Employee Engagement Strategies

Managers reap benefits from giving presents to their teams: Recipients may feel a morale boost and increased motivation to improve productivity. It may be only a modest gesture, but they are more likely to apply their best efforts when they feel valued. Gift policies and principles Many firms codify an official gifting policy with a … Read more

BlueStone Services HR Advisory Team Recognized in I95 Business Magazine

We are thrilled to be recognized in I95 Business Magazine once more for how BlueStone Services is changing the HR Advisory landscape. Read the interview with our Karen Warthen and Ed Radwinsky to learn more about what sets BlueStone Services apart. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: