Form I-9 Basics

Form I-9 has been modernized, allowing E-Verify employers to remotely examine I-9 documents. All U.S. employers must complete Form I-9 for everyone hired — citizens and noncitizens alike. On the form, employees attest to their employment authorization, presenting acceptable documents as evidence of identity and said authorization. Employers examine the documents to see that they … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Enters the Tax Realm

Artificial intelligence offers a range of services to leverage for clients. Automation of mundane tasks and generation of insights and personalized advice are among the benefits. In particular, AI can be used to: Automate repetitive tasks. Analyze and forecast data more accurately when preparing financial statements. Keep up with changing regulations and market conditions. Reduce … Read more

Avoid Incomplete or Disorganized Records

Every employer covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act must keep records for each covered nonexempt worker. There’s no required form, but the records must include accurate data about the employee and hours worked plus wages earned. Once you’ve complied on a federal level, thoroughly research your state-specific requirements for each location you operate in. … Read more