Mastering the Art of Negotiating Payor Contracts in Healthcare

Updated on 6/28/24 In the intricate realm of healthcare, the art of negotiating payor contracts is a skill that can significantly impact the financial well-being of medical practices. As the landscape of healthcare reimbursement continues to evolve, mastering negotiating payor contracts has become more crucial than ever. Let’s delve into the key elements that contribute … Read more

Bringing on a New Provider? The Importance of Not Waiting For Credentialing 

Bringing on a New Provider? The Importance of Not Waiting For Credentialing

Updated on 6/28/24 What is credentialing?  In a healthcare setting, physician credentialing is the formal process of verifying the professional records that qualify a doctor to practice medicine. The physician credentialing process includes researching their board certifications, hospital admitting privileges, education, malpractice insurance, professional references, work history, and more. Physician credentialing is a vital safeguard … Read more

Summer Due Diligence Compliance Checklist

Maintaining and updating your compliance program is an important part of any healthcare organization. Making sure your organization is current on regulatory changes and updating policies and procedures to remain in compliance is critical in minimizing risk and will support and safeguard your efforts in delivering high-quality care. BlueStone Medical Business Advisors, your partners in … Read more

Choosing a Successor: Eight Tips

It’s not easy to decide to step down from your position leading a company. But when the time is right and the decision must be made, how do you choose who should lead your business into the future? It is essential to have a vision for the future. For your business to succeed in the … Read more

Breaking Down Employee Breaks

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers generally do not have to provide short breaks or lunch periods to employees. However, the Act places restrictions on employers who choose to provide them. The FLSA also has guidelines for dealing with sleep time and breastfeeding breaks. Let’s review these breaks individually. Short Breaks These include coffee, … Read more

Getting Offboarding Right

Like other HR branches, offboarding is evolving drastically. Offboarding is no longer about creating a list of administrative tasks and checking all the boxes. These days, offboarding can help you: Identify recruiting strengths and weaknesses. Detect onboarding problems. Spot employee turnover issues. Measure the departing employee’s perception of the company. Keep your brand and reputation … Read more