How HR Should Handle Employee Leave of Absence Requests

Leave of Absence

Employees have always enthusiastically embraced generous leave policies. Surveys have found that many respondents even prefer additional leave to a direct pay raise. Companies have long been aware that more liberal leave standards generate positive feelings. They boost productivity, morale and engagement among the ranks within the firm while at the same time enhancing the … Read more

3 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Employee Management Solution

Employee Management Software: Signs It's Time To Upgrade

Employee management software is pivotal to the success and overall flow of workforce management. At the very least, the employee management software that you implement should make it easier for you to decrease the number of errors made by human hands while simplifying compliance and increasing productivity. If this isn’t happening, you may need a … Read more

What To Know About Fringe Benefits and Taxes

Fringe Benefits Tax

You can generally deduct the amount you pay your employees for the services they perform. The pay may be in cash, property or services. It may include wages, salaries, bonuses, commissions or other noncash compensation such as vacation allowances and fringe benefits. A fringe benefit is a form of pay for the performance of services … Read more

Are You Worried About Inflation?


When inflation is at play, the decline of the value of money and the incline in prices is a combination that impacts everyone. Not even business owners are spared from the stress of an inflationary environment, especially when it comes to today’s post-pandemic world. The COVID-19 outbreak, in combination with new predictions of an upcoming recession, … Read more