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How To Hire In A Tough Labor Market

As a manager, you know how to promote your products. In a tough labor market, it may help you to view your job postings in the same way. Think of candidates as clients whose journey must be moved from awareness to consideration to loyalty — that is, being happy and engaged employees. Each step of that journey deserves consideration.

In a tough labor market, the first thing to revamp is awareness. Job seekers can’t apply for your job if they don’t know it’s there. Where can you engage with them?

Social media.

  • Look at TikTok and Instagram. Even without a resume or an applicant-tracking system, you’ll notice standout candidates.
  • Consider niche Facebook groups as a pool of qualified candidates.
  • Connections on sites such as LinkedIn and niche professional sites such as GitHub and Behance can lead to countless networking opportunities.

Online communities such as blogs and message boards.

  • These sites are gathering places for qualified candidates eager to further their careers.
  • Go to industry-specific communities where discussions of issues are substantive. Then, reach out to candidates whose posts demonstrate deep expertise in their fields.

In person.

  • Keep an open mind and network wherever you go.
  • Always be on the lookout and recruiting.

Focus on what makes your firm different from other businesses in your industry. Do you have:

  • An awesome, laid-back culture?
  • Cool and unique perks?
  • Tons of paid time off?

In your job descriptions, point out opportunities for training and your workplace benefits and perks. Make sure to:

  • Add video to your recruiting efforts to show candidates more of your company. Highlight why your employees love coming to work every day.
  • Offer work-life balance benefits, such as:
    • Flexible work schedules.
    • More time off.
    • Clear boundaries around work hours and expectations. Show that you will support employees’ personal lives as much as you do their professional lives.
  • You and your candidates want the right fit without any hassles. Complete the application, assessments and drug tests together once you’ve determined a mutual interest. Applicants want to spend time at firms that align with their values and lifestyle while giving them opportunities for growth.

Think broadly

How about offering a signing bonus as a recruiting tactic? Divert some of your recruitment marketing budget to your new hires’ pockets as a great sign that your company values talent. You can stipulate that the bonus will be paid after a probationary period.

Ask your existing employees to record testimonials as a compelling form of proof of workplace harmony. Offer training for workers to teach them how to build their online networks and help you recruit candidates. Monitor which job boards give your recruiting team the most traction and the best results so that you can optimize your efforts. You might consider a recruiting happy hour or company meetup to build interest in your company and get to know potential candidates face-to-face.

The tougher the labor market, the more responsive you have to be; reply to a candidate in hours, not days. Be personal and real. Complete all decision steps — interviews, assessments, background checks — in four days or less. Employees want to work for a firm with a great company culture, sterling benefits and solid compensation.

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