HR Compliance Check-up

We understand how challenging it is to balance your growing list of projects and stay on top of compliance issues and best practices. Our HR Compliance Check-Up provides a baseline to prioritize an organization’s human resource needs and objectives.

It is a compliance-based review and discussion of employment practices designed to help organizations minimize their risk and maximize their effectiveness. Here are a few reasons why companies decided to do a compliance check-up:

  • Identify areas of legal risks
  • Identify issues and resolve before facing penalties
  • Maintain competitiveness with HR best practices
  • Identify areas of efficiency and cost reduction
  • Avoid potential employee issues

Let us help you identify any gaps in your HR foundation and suggest next steps to shore up any deficiencies. Our process includes interviews with key management review of documents, policies and practices, and analysis of key HR areas. All clients receive a detailed report followed by a debriefing of the consultant’s findings and recommendations. Should you require assistance with executing any recommendations, our consultants are available to help.

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