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80 Innovative Employee Engagement Strategies To Boost And Empower Your Team

Employee engagement is more than just a buzzword; it’s a critical factor that can make or break a company’s success. High levels of engagement lead to increased productivity, better employee retention, and a more positive work environment. However, fostering this engagement is often easier said than done. This blog post aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of 80 innovative employee engagement strategies, categorized for your convenience. By the end, you’ll have a toolkit of employee engagement strategies to revitalize your team and create a more dynamic workplace.

80 Innovative Employee Engagement Ideas To Boost And Empower Your Team | Bluestone

Understanding Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has towards their organization and its goals. It’s not just about job satisfaction or even productivity; it’s about enthusiasm, passion, and a sense of purpose. Engaged employees are willing to go the extra mile because they feel a deep connection with their work and their company.

The benefits of high employee engagement are numerous. Companies with engaged employees increase profitability by 21%, according to a Gallup study. Engaged employees are more likely to stay with their current employer, reducing turnover costs. They are also more likely to be advocates for the company, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

80 Innovative Employee Engagement Strategies

We’ve divided up our innovative employee engagement strategies into six different categories:


80 Innovative Employee Engagement Strategies

Utilizing activities as part of your employee engagement strategy provides a focus on team-building and social interaction, offering a break from routine work tasks.

These employee engagement strategies range from outdoor adventures to in-office games, aiming to foster camaraderie and boost morale.

1. Team-building Exercises

Team-building exercises are designed to improve communication and collaboration among employees. These activities can range from problem-solving tasks to role-playing games. The goal is to foster trust and create a sense of unity within the team.

2. Outdoor Adventure Trips

Outdoor adventure trips take employees out of the office setting and into nature. Activities like hiking, kayaking, or zip-lining offer a refreshing break and help team members bond in a relaxed environment.

The shared experience can improve teamwork and morale.

3. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes provide a unique opportunity for employees to work together in a non-work setting. Participants learn new skills while collaborating to create a meal.

The experience can enhance team cohesion and offer a fun break from the usual routine.

4. Office Olympics

Office Olympics involve a series of games and challenges set up within the workplace. Events can include chair races, paper airplane contests, or speed typing tests.

These games inject fun into the workday and encourage friendly competition among colleagues.

5. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts involve teams of employees working together to find items or complete challenges. These hunts can be themed and take place either inside the office or in a larger outdoor area.

They encourage problem-solving, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment.

6. Movie Nights

Movie nights offer a casual setting for employees to relax and socialize. A film related to the industry or a universally loved classic can be a good pick.

This low-key event helps build relationships among team members outside of work tasks.

7. Board Game Sessions

Board game sessions unite employees for strategic and fun games requiring teamwork and critical thinking.

Whether it’s a quick game during lunch or a dedicated evening, board games can foster camaraderie and offer a mental break.

8. DIY Craft Days

DIY craft days allow employees to engage their creative sides. Whether making holiday decorations or personal keepsakes, crafting can be both relaxing and rewarding.

It also provides a platform for employees to share their hobbies and interests.

9. Yoga Classes

Yoga classes offer a form of physical and mental exercise that can reduce stress and improve well-being.

These sessions, conducted either in-person or virtually, can help employees focus better and feel more relaxed, contributing to overall productivity.

10. Office Trivia

Office trivia games can be tailored to include questions about the company, the industry, or general knowledge. These games are not only entertaining but also educational.

They can serve as ice-breakers and enhance team cohesion.

11. Puzzle-solving Challenges

Puzzle-solving challenges engage employees in critical thinking and problem-solving.

Whether it’s a complex jigsaw puzzle or a digital escape room, these activities stimulate the mind and encourage collaborative efforts.

12. Karaoke Sessions

Karaoke sessions offer a fun and entertaining way for employees to let loose. Singing together can break down barriers and help team members see each other in a new light.

It’s a great stress-reliever and morale booster.

13. Escape Room Adventures

Escape room adventures require teams to work together to solve puzzles and complete tasks within a set time limit.

These activities are excellent for building problem-solving skills, encouraging communication, and fostering a sense of achievement among team members.


80 Innovative Employee Engagement Strategies

Contests introduce a competitive element to the workplace, often centered around specific skills or tasks.

Whether it’s sales competitions or hackathons, this employee engagement strategy motivates employees and offers a platform for showcasing talent.

14. Sales Competitions

Sales competitions pit team members against each other in a friendly contest to achieve the highest sales numbers within a given period.

These competitions often come with rewards and recognition, motivating employees to do their best. The activity also fosters a sense of urgency and achievement among the sales team.

15. Hackathons

Hackathons are intensive coding or workshopping events where employees collaborate to solve a specific problem, create a new product feature, or develop a new service.

These events can last from a few hours to several days and often result in innovative solutions. They encourage teamwork, creativity, and a focus on results.

16. Design Challenges

Design challenges involve employees working on a particular design problem, either individually or in teams. These challenges can range from redesigning a product to creating marketing materials.

They offer a platform for employees to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills.

17. Caption Contests

Caption contests involve presenting an image and asking employees to come up with a creative or funny caption. These contests are light-hearted and engage employees in a different kind of creative thinking.

They can also serve as a quick and entertaining break during the workday.

18. Fantasy Sports Leagues

Fantasy sports leagues allow employees to draft and manage virtual sports teams based on real-life athletes.

These leagues encourage friendly competition and offer a fun way to engage with colleagues outside of work tasks. They can also serve as conversation starters and team bonding activities.

19. Photography Contests

Photography contests invite employees to submit their best photos based on a specific theme or subject. These contests allow team members to showcase their artistic talents and share a different side of themselves.

The winning entries can be displayed in the office or used in company materials.

20. Recipe Challenges

Recipe challenges involve employees sharing their favorite recipes and sometimes even preparing the dishes for a team tasting. These challenges celebrate culinary skills and cultural diversity.

They also offer a delicious and engaging way to get to know colleagues better.

21. Best-dressed Competitions

Best-dressed competitions can be themed around holidays, seasons, or specific events. Employees come to work dressed according to the theme, and winners are chosen based on creativity and effort.

These competitions add a fun element to the workday and encourage team members to express their personalities.

22. Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns involve employees contributing ideas or content for the company’s social media channels. These campaigns can boost the company’s online presence while engaging employees in brand advocacy.

They also offer a platform for employees to use their creativity in a business context.

23. Innovation Pitches

Innovation pitches are sessions where employees can present new ideas for products, services, or processes to management.

These pitches encourage a culture of innovation and give employees a sense of ownership over their work. They can also lead to real business improvements.

24. Customer Service Awards

Customer service awards recognize employees who have gone above and beyond in assisting customers. These awards can be based on customer feedback or internal evaluations.

They serve to motivate staff and highlight the importance of excellent customer service.

25. Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges encourage employees to engage in healthy behaviors, such as regular exercise, proper nutrition, or mindfulness practices.

These challenges often come with tracking mechanisms and rewards, making health and wellness a fun and communal effort.

26. Office Decorating Contests

Office decorating contests involve employees or teams decorating their workspaces based on a specific theme or holiday.

These contests add a festive atmosphere to the office and allow employees to showcase their creativity. They also make the work environment more enjoyable and engaging.


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Events are organized gatherings that serve various purposes, from educational to celebratory.

They include guest speaker series, award ceremonies, and holiday celebrations. Implementing this employee engagement strategy provides employees with opportunities for networking and team bonding.

27. Quarterly Town Halls

Quarterly town halls are meetings where the entire company gathers to discuss business updates, achievements, and future plans.

These events foster transparency and give employees a broader understanding of the company’s goals. They also provide a platform for employees to ask questions and engage with leadership.

28. Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learns are informal sessions where employees can learn about a specific topic while enjoying a meal. Topics can range from industry trends to personal development.

These sessions offer a relaxed setting for learning and discussion, making them highly engaging and educational.

29. Charity Fundraisers

Charity fundraisers involve employees in raising money for a good cause. Whether it’s a bake sale, a walkathon, or an online campaign, these activities foster a sense of community and social responsibility.

They also provide an opportunity for employees to work together toward a common goal.

30. Themed Office Parties

Themed office parties bring a sense of fun and excitement to the workplace. Whether it’s a Halloween costume party or a summer luau, these events offer employees a break from routine and a chance to socialize.

They also serve to celebrate milestones and achievements.

31. Employee Talent Shows

Employee talent shows allow team members to showcase their skills and hobbies outside of work. Whether it’s singing, dancing, or magic tricks, these shows offer a unique form of entertainment and team bonding.

They also help to reveal hidden talents within the team.

32. Volunteer Days

Volunteer days involve employees taking time off work to contribute to a charitable cause. Activities can range from cleaning a park to helping at a food bank.

These days foster a sense of community and give employees a fulfilling experience outside of their regular duties.

33. Networking Events

Networking events provide employees with the opportunity to meet people within and outside the company. These events can help employees build professional relationships and gain industry insights.

They also offer a setting for sharing knowledge and best practices.

34. Family Picnics

Family picnics invite employees and their families to spend a day outdoors, enjoying food, games, and activities.

These events foster a sense of community and allow team members to get to know each other on a personal level. They also serve as a way to show appreciation for employees’ hard work.

35. Holiday Celebrations

Holiday celebrations involve special activities or parties to mark various holidays throughout the year. These events add a festive touch to the workplace and offer a chance for employees to celebrate together.

They also provide a break from the usual work routine and boost morale.

36. Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies recognize and celebrate the achievements of employees. Whether it’s for reaching sales targets or exceptional customer service, these events motivate employees and highlight the company’s values.

They also offer an opportunity for team members to feel appreciated and valued.

37. Fireside Chats with Leadership

Fireside chats are informal conversations between employees and company leaders.

These sessions offer insights into the company’s direction and allow for open dialogue. They also provide a platform for employees to voice concerns or ask questions in a relaxed setting.

38. Skill-sharing Workshops

Skill-sharing workshops involve employees teaching their colleagues about a particular skill or topic.

Whether it’s a coding language or public speaking tips, these workshops foster a culture of learning and knowledge sharing. They also help to uncover hidden skills within the team.

39. Coffee Tastings

Coffee tastings offer employees a chance to sample different types of coffee and learn about their origins and brewing methods. These sessions provide a relaxed and enjoyable break from work, fostering social interaction and a shared experience.

They also offer a simple yet effective way to engage employees in a communal activity.

40. Virtual Game Nights

Virtual game nights involve employees participating in online games or quizzes after work hours.

These events are especially useful for remote teams, offering a way to socialize and bond despite geographical distances. They also add a fun and competitive element to team interactions.


80 Innovative Employee Engagement Strategies

Gifts are tangible tokens of appreciation, ranging from personalized items to tech gadgets. This employee engagement strategy serves as a way to recognize employee milestones or achievements and add a personal touch to the work environment.

41. Personalized Mugs

Personalized mugs feature the employee’s name or a special message, making them a unique and personal gift.

These mugs serve as a daily reminder of the company’s appreciation and can add a personal touch to the workplace. They’re also practical, offering a useful item that employees can enjoy daily.

42. Desk Plants

Desk plants not only brighten up the workspace but also offer health benefits like improved air quality. They add a touch of nature to the office and can boost employee well-being and productivity.

They’re an easy way to make the work environment more pleasant and inviting.

43. Birthday Vouchers

Birthday vouchers offer employees a range of options for celebrating their special day, from dining out to shopping. These vouchers show that the company values its employees and wants to celebrate their milestones.

They also offer a personal touch, allowing employees to choose how they’d like to celebrate.

44. Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary gifts celebrate the length of time an employee has been with the company. These gifts can range from engraved plaques to extra vacation days.

They serve to recognize loyalty and commitment, making employees feel valued and appreciated.

45. Surprise Snack Boxes

Surprise snack boxes contain a variety of treats that can be enjoyed throughout the workday.

These boxes offer a delightful surprise and can boost morale and energy levels. They also provide a communal experience if employees decide to share the snacks.

46. Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets like wireless chargers or noise-canceling headphones are not only cool but also practical. These gifts can make the workday more efficient and enjoyable.

They also show that the company is invested in providing tools that make employees’ lives easier.

47. Inspirational Books

Inspirational books can motivate and educate employees, offering new perspectives on work and life.

These books can be related to the industry or focus on personal development. They offer a lasting impact, providing knowledge and inspiration long after they’re read.

48. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers encourage employees to stay active and monitor their health.

These devices can track steps, sleep, and other health metrics. They show that the company cares about employee well-being and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

49. Company Swag

Company swag like branded t-shirts or water bottles offer a sense of belonging and pride. These items are not only practical but also serve as a form of free advertising when used outside the office.

They foster a sense of community and team spirit.

50. Spa Vouchers

Spa vouchers offer employees a chance to relax and unwind, providing a break from the stresses of work.

These vouchers show that the company values employee well-being and is willing to invest in their relaxation and mental health.

51. Travel Coupons

Travel coupons can be used for flights, hotels, or experiences, offering employees a chance to explore new places. These coupons serve as a significant perk and can greatly enhance work-life balance.

They also offer employees something exciting to look forward to.

52. Food Delivery Credits

Food delivery credits offer the convenience of having meals delivered right to the workplace or home. These credits provide a practical and enjoyable perk that can make busy days more manageable.

They also offer a way to enjoy a nice meal without the hassle of cooking or going out.

53. Movie Tickets

Movie tickets provide a leisure activity that employees can enjoy in their free time.

Whether it’s the latest blockbuster or an indie film, these tickets offer a break from routine. They also provide an opportunity for employees to unwind and enjoy some entertainment.

54. Personal Development Webinars

Personal development webinars offer employees a chance to improve their skills and knowledge in various areas, from time management to emotional intelligence.

These webinars show that the company is invested in the personal and professional growth of its employees. They also provide valuable insights that can be applied both at work and in personal life.


80 Innovative Employee Engagement Strategies

Inclusivity initiatives is an employee engagement strategy that can also help you create a diverse and welcoming workplace.

These efforts range from diversity training to inclusive hiring practices, focusing on making all employees feel valued and respected.

55. Diversity Training

Diversity training educates employees on the importance of an inclusive workplace. These sessions cover topics like unconscious bias and cultural sensitivity.

The training aims to create a more equitable environment where all employees feel valued and respected.

56. Multicultural Potlucks

Multicultural potlucks invite employees to bring dishes from their cultural backgrounds.

These events celebrate diversity and offer a delicious way to learn about different cultures. They also provide a relaxed setting for employees to share stories and traditions.

57. Gender-neutral Restrooms

Gender-neutral restrooms provide a safe and inclusive space for all employees, regardless of gender identity.

These facilities show that the company is committed to inclusivity and respects the individual needs of its employees. They also make the workplace more accessible for everyone.

58. Accessible Workspaces

Accessible workspaces are designed to accommodate employees with disabilities. Features may include ramps, wider doorways, and adjustable desks.

These spaces show that the company values all employees and is committed to providing an inclusive environment.

59. Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups are employee-led organizations focused on specific interests or identities, such as LGBTQ+ or women in tech.

These groups offer support, networking opportunities, and a sense of community. They also provide a platform for advocacy and education within the company.

60. Language Classes

Language classes offer employees the opportunity to learn a new language or improve their existing skills.

These classes can be particularly beneficial in diverse workplaces or global companies. They also show that the company values continuous learning and cultural exchange.

61. Religious Accommodations

Religious accommodations may include prayer rooms or flexible scheduling to observe religious holidays. These accommodations show respect for the diverse beliefs of employees and create an inclusive work environment.

They also make it easier for employees to balance work and religious commitments.

62. Inclusive Hiring Practices

Inclusive hiring practices aim to create a diverse workforce by considering candidates from various backgrounds.

These practices may include blind resume reviews or diverse interview panels. They help to level the playing field and create a more equitable workplace.

63. Cultural Celebrations

Cultural celebrations mark important holidays or events from various cultures. These celebrations educate employees about different traditions and foster a sense of inclusion.

They also add a festive and educational element to the workplace.

64. Allyship Workshops

Allyship workshops educate employees on how to support marginalized groups within the workplace. These workshops cover topics like active listening and advocacy.

They aim to create a more supportive and inclusive environment for all employees.

65. Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity training covers topics like sexual harassment, discrimination, and microaggressions. These sessions aim to create a respectful and safe workplace for everyone.

They also provide employees with the tools to address and prevent inappropriate behavior.

66. Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible work arrangements allow employees to customize their work schedules or work remotely. These arrangements can make it easier to balance work with personal commitments like childcare or education.

They also show that the company values work-life balance.

67. Childcare Support

Childcare support can include on-site daycare facilities or subsidies for external childcare services.

These benefits make it easier for parents to balance work and family responsibilities. They also show that the company is committed to supporting employees in all stages of life.


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As an employee engagement strategy, learning opportunities focus on personal and professional development.

They include workshops, online courses, and mentorship programs aiming to enhance skills and knowledge for career growth.

68. Professional Development Workshops

Professional development workshops focus on enhancing specific skills or knowledge areas.

Topics can range from project management to effective communication. These workshops offer hands-on learning experiences and often include practical exercises to reinforce learning.

69. Mentorship Programs

Mentorship programs pair less experienced employees with more seasoned professionals for guidance and career development.

These relationships offer a platform for knowledge sharing and can accelerate career growth. They also foster a culture of continuous learning and support within the company.

70. Lunchtime Book Clubs

Lunchtime book clubs involve employees reading and discussing books over lunch. The books can be industry-related or focus on broader topics like leadership or personal development.

These clubs offer a relaxed setting for intellectual discussion and can also serve as a team-building activity.

71. Guest Speaker Series

Guest speaker series bring in experts from various fields to share insights and knowledge.

These talks can be inspirational, educational, or industry-specific. They offer employees a break from routine and provide new perspectives that can be applied in their work.

72. Online Courses

Online courses offer employees the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Topics can range from technical skills to soft skills like negotiation or conflict resolution.

These courses show that the company is invested in the continuous learning and development of its employees.

73. Skill-building Webinars

Skill-building webinars are online sessions focused on developing specific skills.

These webinars are often interactive, allowing employees to ask questions and engage with the material. They offer a convenient and efficient way to upskill without leaving the office.

74. Leadership Training

Leadership training programs are designed to develop the leadership skills of employees, preparing them for managerial roles.

These programs often include a mix of workshops, coaching, and practical assignments. They aim to cultivate leadership qualities like decision-making, team management, and strategic thinking.

75. Financial Literacy Sessions

Financial literacy sessions educate employees on topics like budgeting, investing, and retirement planning.

These sessions offer practical knowledge that can benefit employees in their personal lives. They also show that the company cares about the overall well-being of its staff.

76. Industry Conferences

Industry conferences offer employees the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in their field. These events also provide networking opportunities and can be a source of inspiration.

They offer a broader perspective on the industry and can lead to innovative ideas.

77. Peer Reviews

Peer reviews involve employees evaluating each other’s performance or projects.

These reviews offer multiple perspectives and can be more comprehensive than traditional managerial reviews. They also encourage a culture of feedback and continuous improvement.

78. Cross-departmental Training

Cross-departmental training involves employees learning about the roles, challenges, and contributions of other departments.

This training fosters a better understanding of the company as a whole and encourages collaboration between teams. It also helps employees see the bigger picture and understand how their work contributes to overall goals.

79. Time Management Seminars

Time management seminars focus on techniques for managing time more effectively, such as prioritization and task delegation.

These seminars offer practical tips that can lead to increased productivity and better work-life balance. They also provide tools for reducing stress and improving focus.

80. Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Emotional intelligence workshops aim to improve skills like empathy, self-awareness, and interpersonal communication.

These workshops often include exercises and real-life scenarios to practice these skills. They contribute to a more harmonious work environment and can improve team dynamics.

Implementing Employee Engagement

Implementing these ideas requires more than just a to-do list. It’s crucial to have a structured approach. Start by assessing the current level of engagement within your team. Use surveys or one-on-one interviews to gather insights.

Next, prioritize the ideas that align with your team’s needs and company culture. Create a timeline and assign responsibilities. Regularly measure the impact of these initiatives through KPIs like employee turnover rate, productivity levels, and employee satisfaction scores.

By implementing these employee engagement strategies, you can revitalize your team and foster a more engaging and productive workplace.

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