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Top 5 Tips for Hiring Managers

While the landscape for businesses looks a little wobbly lately, with a post-COVID recession looming and an uncertain stock market, one bright spot in an otherwise dark economy is record low unemployment. Job seekers are more discerning than ever, and hiring managers have to step up their game to keep up with unprecedented challenges.

Act Fast

Don’t wait to fill a position. In today’s job market, the best candidates are snapped up quickly. If you have a role to fill, don’t delay in starting your search and if you find a good candidate early, all the better. This isn’t the best time–or job market–to dither and second guess yourself and the hire you’re about to make.

Get Creative With the Total Package

In order to attract and retain the best employees, you may have to get creative with compensation. In addition to offering a competitive salary, consider offering other benefits like flexible hours or working from home options, paid time off, student loan assistance, and more. These days, money isn’t always the top priority for job seekers–especially millennials and Gen Zers. They value work/life balance, company culture, and purpose over a high salary.

Make the Interview Process Easy

The interview process should be easy for both you and the candidate. That means streamlining your process so it’s not too long or cumbersome, and making sure the interviewer is prepared. The last thing you want is to lose a great candidate because your interview process was too long, confusing, or difficult.

Focus on Company Culture

In order to attract and retain the best employees, it’s important to focus on company culture. What values does your company espouse? What is the working environment like? Do you offer flexible hours or working from home options? Do your employees feel like they are part of a team and that their work is meaningful? Candidates will want to know the answers to these questions, so be prepared to sell them on your company culture. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Train

If you find a candidate who is a good fit for your company but lacks the specific skills or experience you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to train them. With the right attitude and aptitude, any candidate can be molded into a great employee. The key is finding someone who is coachable, willing to learn, and a good fit for your company culture. 

How can BlueStone Service’s HR Consulting Services Help?

Here’s a bonus sixth tip. Hire an HR consultant.  HR consultants like BlueStone can help you take the recruitment workload off of hiring managers by streamlining your process around creating job ads, and helping you develop job descriptions to identify the right candidates.

HR consultants are a valuable resource for any business, but especially during times of change and upheaval. By following their advice, you can be sure to hire the best employees for your company–and keep them around for the long haul. Think about taking advantage of a resource like Bluestone Services and get in touch with us today.


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