What Types of Accounting Services Can You Outsource?

outsource accounting

Updated on 5/24/24 Maintain accurate records; keep track of your company’s finances, bookkeeping, payroll, management accounting, taxes, accounts receivable, accounts payable and financial reporting. Follow up on debts and compliance. Phew! What a relief it is to have expert outsourced accounting services near you to turn to for managing these essential functions. Are you looking … Read more

Top 8 Reasons For Why You Should Use Outsourced Accounting Services

Top 8 Reasons to Use Outsourced Accounting Services

Outsourced accounting services are not the right fit for everybody, but it might be a perfect fit for you. Even so, you may be wondering “Why outsource accounting services?” Well, there are several reasons. Perhaps you don’t have the time or staff to handle your accounting needs. Maybe you need assistance with specific accounting tasks, … Read more

Watch Out for Fake ERC Plans

Watch Out for Fake ERC Plans

ou may be aware of widely circulated promotions — ads on radio and the internet — touting refunds involving Employee Retention Credits. The IRS says these are a blatant attempt to con ineligible people to claim the ERC credit. The problem is widespread enough to make the IRS’s annual “Dirty Dozen” list. The promotions are … Read more

How To Create a Salary Plan

How to Create a Salary Plan

Don’t use guesswork when figuring out how much to pay your employees. You need a comprehensive, long-term plan to figure out a talent strategy. Here’s a checklist to get started on creating a strategy: Take a long view A compensation plan reflects your firm’s stance on employee pay and rewards. You can look at it … Read more

The Strategic Role of the CFO

The strategic role of the CFO

The chief financial officer of a company has always had a seat at the table, but the current business environment combined with changes wrought by the pandemic make the role even more important. CFOs, who are already dealing with the perfect storm of rising prices, higher interest rates, continuing supply chain issues and labor shortages, … Read more

Improve Your Payroll Audits With Automation

Improve your payroll audits with automation

Payroll is a core feature of all businesses, and it is very important as it heavily impacts the morale of employees. After all, if employees aren’t paid appropriately for their work, you can expect them to leave.  Payroll also impacts a number of business processes, including human resources and finance. The employee aspect and interrelatedness … Read more

Integrated Timekeeping: A Strategy for Preventing Payroll Errors

integrated timekeeping: a strategy for preventing payroll errors

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers are required to maintain updated records of the hours worked by nonexempt employees. According to the FLSA, employers are also expected to pay nonexempt employees for all of the hours they work. As such, it is of utmost importance that employers ensure accurate timekeeping and payroll processes as … Read more

Qualities of a Good Payroll Technology Demo

qualitites of a good payroll technology demo

A product demonstration or demo enables vendors to present the value of their product or service to prospective buyers. So if you’re in the market for payroll technology, product demos are an essential part of the process. Before you look for demos, you’ll need to identify your payroll pain points and the necessary solutions. Then … Read more

How To Choose a Financial Wellness Vendor

How To Choose a Financial Wellness Vendor

In a 2020 survey, 44.9% of respondents said they would view their employers in a better light if they provided a financial wellness program, and nearly one-third said they would participate in a financial education program if their employer offered it. A different 2020 survey found that “62% of employers feel extreme responsibility for their employees’ financial wellness, … Read more