The Role of an HR Consultant in Developing Effective Management Techniques

HR Consultant's Role in Effective Management

Table of Contents Introduction How HR Consultants Identify Pain Points How HR Consultants Cultivate Strong Pipelines How HR Consultants Transform Management Building a Positive Work Environment with HR Consultants How HR Consultants Safeguard Compliance Building a Thriving Organization With BlueStone Effective management techniques are no longer a luxury, they’re a necessity. From fostering high-performing teams … Read more

Four Considerations For Small Business HR Growth

Small Business HR: Growth & Development Tips

The consensus among HR leaders is that once you’ve reached the 20-employee mark, it is definitely time to hire a dedicated HR professional. If your business continues to grow, you’ll likely need to expand your HR department. As businesses grow, the complexity of managing human resources increases, necessitating a strategic approach to recruitment, compliance, and … Read more

3 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Employee Management Solution

Employee Management Software: Signs It's Time To Upgrade

Employee management software is pivotal to the success and overall flow of workforce management. At the very least, the employee management software that you implement should make it easier for you to decrease the number of errors made by human hands while simplifying compliance and increasing productivity. If this isn’t happening, you may need a … Read more

Why Do Small Businesses Hire Firms to Provide HR Advisory Services?

Outsourced HR Advisory: Key for Small Businesses

The foundation of any good company, whether a big multinational corporation or a small business, is only as strong as the people who work there. From the CEO to entry level positions, every employee plays an important role in keeping the company running smoothly. But there’s one department that is absolutely essential to any business: … Read more

HR Compliance Audit – What to Know, Where to Start

HR Compliance Audit – What to Know, Where to Start

If you’re responsible for human resources in your company, then you know that staying compliant with state and federal laws is a never-ending job. Every day seems to bring new changes or challenges, and it can be hard to keep up. That’s why our team of HR consultants  believes an HR compliance audit is so … Read more

How To Achieve Excellence in HR Service Delivery

The human resource function is responsible for providing services as well as support to employees during their time working for a company, from hiring, onboarding, training and development to payroll, benefits and termination. This “services and support” arm is known as “HR service delivery.”  HR service delivery: Then and now Historically, HR has always been … Read more

Top 8 Reasons For Why You Should Use Outsourced Accounting Services

Top 8 Reasons to Use Outsourced Accounting Services

Outsourced accounting services are not the right fit for everybody, but it might be a perfect fit for you. Even so, you may be wondering “Why outsource accounting services?” Well, there are several reasons. Perhaps you don’t have the time or staff to handle your accounting needs. Maybe you need assistance with specific accounting tasks, … Read more

Why a Good Employee Handbook Is Important (and Often Overlooked)

Key Reasons Employee Handbooks Are Crucial

Table of Contents Introduction What is an Employee Handbook? Key Components of an Effective Employee Handbook Benefits of Having a Well-Crafted Employee Handbook Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them Regular Updates and Maintenance Conclusion In today’s business environment, the value of a well-crafted employee handbook is immense, yet many organizations overlook this all-important tool. … Read more

Essential HR Compliance Checklists For Employee Management, Benefits, And Payroll Processing

Essential HR Checklists for Employee Management, Benefits, and Payroll Processing Compliance

Human resources, employee benefits and payroll processing functions are separate yet intertwined, and HR compliance checklists are essential to staying on top of your responsibilities for each one. Below are examples of what might be included in these checklists. HR compliance audit checklist HR compliance audit checklists can provide a structured framework for HR departments … Read more

Choosing a Business Structure: C Corps, LLCs, PCs and S Corp

How to structure your business is one of the first, and most important, considerations a business must make. Following are details about four corporate structures available to businesses. C Corporations C corporations are considered to be the business structure of choice for many businesses, particularly for those selling goods. Unlike sole proprietorships, C corps shield … Read more