Practice Purchases, Sales, and Mergers

Selling your practice is a significant milestone in any physician’s career, and not a decision to take lightly, and that’s where BlueStone Services comes in. We get your practice ready for a sale or merger, all while considering personal, financial, market, operational, and legal factors so you can make informed decisions that align with your goals and objectives, ensuring a successful transition for all stakeholders involved.

We understand local market dynamics, patient demographics, and the presence of potential buyers is critical in gauging the feasibility and timing of a sale. Identifying potential acquirers, whether they be larger healthcare systems, private equity firms, or individual practitioners, requires thorough research and networking within the healthcare community. BlueStone Services can manage all of this for you–we have extensive expertise and experience in navigating the complexities of healthcare transactions.


We can help identify opportunities to optimize value and enhance attractiveness to potential buyers or merger partners through strategic initiatives to improve profitability, streamline operations, or enhance patient care quality, ultimately maximizing the practice’s sale price or negotiating leverage in a merger. With BlueStone Services, you can navigate the complexities of practice transitions with confidence, ultimately achieving successful outcomes that align with their goals and objectives.