7 Considerations When Preparing Your Payroll Budget

7 Considerations When Preparing Your Payroll Budget

Most companies spend 20% to 30% of their annual revenue on payroll. The exact amount varies based on the employer’s size, industry, and staffing and operational needs. In some industries, such as service, it’s not uncommon for payroll to encompass up to 50% of revenue. For other industries, such as manufacturing and food and beverage, … Read more

Unemployment and Tax: Back to Normal

Unemployment and Tax: Back to Normal

Unemployment income has always been taxable income. Those who apply for unemployment benefits can have federal tax, and any applicable state tax, withheld, but whether it’s done check by check or in a lump sum, the recipient has to pay. However, because 2020 was such a difficult year, the federal government granted a limited break. … Read more

Is 401(K) Auto Enrollment Right For Your Company?

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Traditionally, employees have to opt into retirement plans and make their own decisions about contributions. But there’s another possibility: automatic enrollment in a 401(K). If they choose to enroll their staff automatically, companies have three options: Basic 401(K) auto enrollment, also called an “Automatic Contribution Arrangement” (ACA) Employees are automatically enrolled in the 401(k) plan … Read more

How To Retain Employees In A Tough Market

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Imagine you’re a nursing home manager trying to replace a nurse’s aide. But the resumes aren’t coming in like they usually do. You can’t figure out why until an applicant points out that you’re offering the same hourly wage as McDonald’s and asks what you have that McDonald’s doesn’t. Lockdown-era furloughs forced huge numbers of … Read more

Can You Clearly Explain Your Health Insurance Plan?

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According to a report by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, just 19 percent of employers say their employees had a “high level of understanding of their benefits.” The report cites three main reasons for this: Employees don’t open or read the materials. Employees don’t understand the materials. Employees don’t see the value in … Read more

7 Ways To Manage the Worker Shortage

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Many businesses are struggling with a worker shortage. It is happening across the board: staff shortages at our doctors’ offices, at child care centers and at the restaurants we frequent. Businesses, their employees and their customers and clients all are unhappy and trying hard to find solutions. Here are seven things businesses can focus on … Read more

An FMLA Questionnaire To Keep You Compliant

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Employer coverage – Is your business covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)? You must adhere to the FMLA if you employ at least 50 employees in 20 or more workweeks in the current or prior calendar year. The employees must also meet certain eligibility rules. Notice requirements – Is the FMLA poster … Read more

On-Demand Pay: A Growing Payroll Trend

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A 2020 report by Ernst & Young says on-demand pay is “the term used to describe a category of financial products that give employees the ability to draw on their accrued wages before payday.”  The Case for On-Demand Pay In 2017, CareerBuilder reported that a staggering 78% of U.S. workers live paycheck to paycheck. Since … Read more

Taxable and Nontaxable Employee Benefits

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As the unemployment rate falls from its 2020 high, employees are switching jobs in record numbers. The new stability in the economy means workers have more leeway to shop around for jobs that fit their lifestyles, needs and values. Now, the onus is on employers to provide an environment that makes their star team members … Read more

EEOC Provides Updated Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Policies

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has updated its guidance on workplace COVID-19 vaccine policies. The agency’s original guidance, issued in December 2020, addressed COVID-19 vaccine mandates, discussing COVID-19 diagnosis or vaccination status with employees, and handling reasonable accommodation requests from employees. The EEOC’s updated guidance clarifies whether employers can mandate COVID-19 vaccinations and offer incentives … Read more